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Virginia Medicaid Dental Office Near You. Now Accepting New Patients. Schedule today!




Call us at  703-919-5109 (Monday-Friday 7am-4pm) to schedule your appointment or click link below to schedule online anytime!

Top ranked dental office in Alexandria, VA. We proudly accept all Virginia Medicaid insurance plans (adults and children).

We are located at:

101 S. Whiting St. #313

Alexandria, VA 22304

Patients Love Whiting Dental Studio

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Services We Provide

Cleanings + Deep Cleanings

Emergency Exams



Root Canals

Extractions/Pulling teeth


Partial Dentures



Why choose us?

  • Knowledgeable State-of-the-Art Care

    • ​Dentistry is always changing. We stay on top of the latest advances in techniques and technology to ensure that you have access to state-of-the-art treatment. Our team recognizes the importance of continuing education and we are constantly striving to improve your experience. From our office staff to our and doctor, everyone at our practice is a dedicated professional with a deep understanding of their specialty within our office. We make your oral health our first priority.

  • Honest Patient Education

    • ​With us, you are a partner in your own treatment plan. We are happy to answer any of your questions or concerns and provide you with honest answers. We also understand the importance of educating our patients on preventive measures that they can take at home to improve their overall oral health. Our team can provide you with tips and tricks to protect the health of your smile between appointments so that you can experience expedited cleanings and maintain the strength and beauty of your smile.

  • Zero wait time at your appointment

    • Thats right! There is no waiting at Whiting Dental Studio. We only see one patient at a time so when you’re in the chair you are our only focus​

  • Anxiety free dentistry

    • We pride ourselves in anxiety free dentistry. You will receive your treatment in a calm, peaceful environment.


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